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Why Bay Islands Utila, Honduras

Preserving the Utila Iguana and its critical mangrove habitat is not our only goal. We are also working towards Sustainable development of Utila (a popular destination for divers) to protect the island’s natural resources. Enhancing awareness among the people living and working in Utila, including working with schools and educating children and young people on the island about their environment. We aim to buy all our materials from local businesses and hire local labor as far as possible in order to support the Utilan economy. Our volunteers are also encouraged to make their purchases in local shops. We will always strive to conserve and respect the land we are on to the fullest. These units are going to have solar energy panels as part of the project when completed.

The Unique Benefits at this Utila Villa

Access to the newest accommodations on Utila. Beach Front access in a private relaxing atmosphere. Unique island characteristics not found on ordinary 'commercialized' destinations. This Utila villa is one of the best and least expensive diving on this island.